The Arizona Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team, based out of Phoenix, formed in 1997.

The Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team have performed at international events that include professional sporting events, business grand openings, rodeos, festivals, and charity events.

All the members of the team are professionally rated by the United States Parachute Association. This PRO rating is awarded by the U.S.P.A. only to skydivers who can master the most difficult aspects of the sport. The Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team are all skydiving instructors who also compete and work in the skydiving industry.

The team captain, Tom Talbott, is a native of Arizona and former officer of the Green Beret Parachute Team in Ft. Bragg, NC. He has logged over 15,000 skydives. Tom has been in the skydiving industry for over 25 years and has owned and operated two drop zones, including one in the Bahamas. The other members of the team are all former military soldiers serving in a variety of airborne and special operation assignments. They each hold several skydiving instructional ratings and the difficult to achieve PRO rating.


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