What can the Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team do for my event?

We can jump into just about any location the size of a volleyball court or larger. We can also land in a pool. We can fly displaying a flag or banner with logo. We can land carrying such items as: awards, keys, game balls, scissors for ribbon cutting, envelopes with winner’s names. As long as it is safe, we can jump it in.

How many Aerial Extreme Skydiving jumpers perform at an event?

We usually jump with a four man team we can customize the performance to meet your needs.

Can you jump at night?

Yes. The Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team specialize in night jumps. We wear lighted jumpsuits which are easily seen from the ground. We do a spectacular sparkler show which includes smoke trails and fireworks which are shot from out packs while under canopy.

How much is a performance?

The cost varies depending on such variables as: type of event, location, number of jumpers, sparklers, special gear, and aircraft. The cost is small in comparison to most other types of entertainment. Funding usually comes out of an organization’s marketing or promotional budgets.

Is insurance available?

Yes, insurance is available through the USPA (which is the governing body for skydiving in the U.S). The cost depends upon the requirements of the event holder. All jumpers have limited 3 rd party liability insurance as members of the USPA. Demonstration jump insurance covers all parties remotely connected to the performance.

See www.USPA.org for details.

Does the FAA have to authorize a skydiving performance?

Yes, in most cases we must obtain approval from both the FAA and the local ATC (air traffic controllers.) We file all the necessary paperwork for each jump. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with these Federal Agencies and have never been declined for a reasonable request.

Is a skydiving performance safe?

Safety is our first priority. We have an unmatched safety record among skydiving demonstration teams. Skydiving is an inherently risky sport but with the advent of modern equipment, redundant safety systems, automatic parachute openers and electronic communications, the risk has been minimized. Doing demonstration jumps requires a greater level of skill and experience. All the members of the Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team have been hand-selected because of their reputations as world-class demonstration jumpers. The team trains regularly and maintains the highest level of proficiency.

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